2nd Annual Department of Chemistry Golf Tournament

1st Annual Department of Chemistry Golf Tournament

The 2nd Annual Department of Chemistry Golf Tournament will take place at the Mississippi State Golf Course on Saturday, April 6th, 2013. Registration the day of the tournament will start at 8:00 AM. A breakfast snack will be served at 8:30 AM and there will be a shotgun start at 9:00AM. A bar-b-que lunch from Starkville Café will be served at the conclusion of the tournament. The tournament is a four person scramble and is limited to 25 teams or 100 golfers. Golfers may register online for the tournament. Teams registering on or before March 30th will receive 1 free mulligan per team member. Tournament rules will be set by the MSU Institute of Golf. Men will tee off from the Cowbell tees. Golfers ages 65 and over will tee off from the Maroon Tees and women will tee off from the Aggie Tees.

Proceeds from the tournament will benefit undergraduate chemistry majors by funding from two to six one year scholarships.

Special rules will include:

  • 1) Each team member will be able to use 1 mulligan (free with early entry)
  • 2) 6 feet of string will be provided to each team to be used to complete missed putts (by cutting off a length of string equal to the length of putt until all string is used)
  • 3) Each team member will need to contribute at least two tee shots
  • 4) One person's drive/team can be taken from the Aggie (women's) tee

A breakfast snack, bar-b-que lunch, drinks, and a complimentary beverage cart service will be provided during the tournament. Promotional items provided will include a valuables pouch, six golf balls, a golf shirt, and hat for each entrant.

For More Information Contact:

Reatha Linley
Business Manager
Department of Chemistry